The Magic Of Music And Its Many Benefits

Music has no language. It is spoken all around the world effortlessly through emotion. It is something that man made geographical borders cannot limit. It is a powerful medium of expression. It touches the soul.The power of music is limitless and it is almost impossible to find someone who has not been influenced by it.

Music can be the best way to judge how someone is feeling as it helps to reveal your inner feelings. Music also works very well as a mood elevator. If you are in a sad mood, listening to an upbeat number will help lift your spirits almost instantly. That is the power of music and how it can influence us in such a wonderful way.

Listening or playing music has many benefits. Here we look at some of the top benefits of music and how it can make you feel better.

1. Keeps your brain healthy:

Just as the body needs exercise to keep it healthy, so does the brain. This becomes even more important as you age. Listening to music acts as exercise for your brain and helps in keeping it healthy. It also helps in keeping you mentally sharp and gives you better memory.

In fact in some cases music has even helped people with some amount of brain damage to recover by getting back their memory partially or fully.

2. Great for your heart:

Just as music is beneficial to the brain, it also has some great benefits for your heart. It has helped patients with heart disease to recover faster as it helps in strengthening the heart. It can help to lower your blood pressure and reduce distress significantly.

Listening to music helps the health of your heart as it releases endorphins that help in the process of recovery especially after heart surgery.

Benefits of Music

3. Reduces stress:
The stress hormone called cortisol weakens your immune system and this increases the risk of cardiac disease. It can also be detrimental for your blood pressure and interfere in your learning abilities. It affects your bone density and memory too.

Listening to music helps you in fighting all this. As you enjoy the music of your choice, it increases the amount of antibodies in your body. This can have a positive effect on your overall well-being.

4. Helps you get rid of depression and anxiety:
Music therapy works wonders in treating patients suffering from cancer. It can greatly reduce anxiety and also helped in controlling the blood pressure. Music helps in elevating the mood and quality of your life by having a positive effect on the psyche. If you have been feeling low or sad, listening to music can help change the mood. Many times artists themselves may write a song when they are feeling low to help them feel better. These songs can help the listeners feel good in the same way.

5. It makes you happy:
This maybe the emotion that almost everyone would identify with. Music makes you happy. Listening to music releases the feel good chemical called dopamine. It is the reason why we feel joy, excitement, happiness etc.

Music also helps you to bring back memories. There may be certain songs that we associate with certain people or with a certain time period in our lives. Music helps us remember those good times and relive those memories.


Helps you sleep better:

The reason why so many people complain of lack of sleep today is stress. In today's fast paced world, stress and anxiety interfere in your night sleep and this can lead to various health issues. Listening to soothing music before you sleep can give you better sleep and it can also help in getting sleep that is restful. It might even be used to treat insomnia effectively. Listening to soothing music can help infants sleep better. Maybe this is the reason why a lot of infants sleep well after listening to their mother singing a soft lullaby for them.


Helps in concentration:

Playing a music instrument requires skill, patience and most importantly the ability to concentrate. You need to use your concentration extremely well to hear how to play and what to play. As you get better at playing the instrument you will find that you will use this ability to concentrate in your daily life as well. You will find yourself performing better at school or at work. It also helps you to use your hidden creative talents.

8. To improve the visual and verbal skills in children:

Music can have a profound effect on children especially at an early age. This is the age where their young minds are most impressionable and the positive effects of music will be seen during their later years. Music helps childrendevelop and improve their communication, verbal and visual skills. They can understand words and their meanings better. It leads to higher IQ and greater visual ability.

9. Motivates you:

Music can help motivate you through the tough times in your life. It can touch you deeply and give the boost than words might not be able to. It is a much more effective way of motivation than words.

If all these benefits seem too good to be true, put on your favorite song and experience the magic of music for yourself.

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